Step 1: Brand Persona & Packaging Exercise

A package design can contribute significantly to expressing this in a visual, intuitive way. It is important to associate your brand with certain qualities that address consumers core motivations.  

Through a comprehensive online quiz, we will determine your product & brand's:

  • functional & emotional benefits
  • essence
  • personality
  • behaviors
  • belief system
  • packaging structure format


Step 2: Brand Pyramid & Archetypes Analysis

We will input the results of your Brand Persona and Packaging exercise into an algorithm which will then be analyzed by our team of verbal and visual strategists. The information will be distilled and compiled into a report containing the results of your answers as applied to a brand pyramid and archetype wheel.

Getting clarity on your archetype can accomplish several things:

  • help create a focused brand vision
  • reinforce a shared common ideal with your internal and external tribe
  • draw like-minded consumers as well as collaborators/partners
  • unify and create a consistent brand impression


10 days later, will provide 2 brand identity and package design concepts as a 3D render (to the structure outlined in results in step 2) that relate directly back to the visual and verbal attributes of your brand.*

*if you would like to take your package design to the next level (dieline, full layout & production mechanicals) contact us for a pricing menu for additional services.